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Seating will be allocated on a first come, first served basis (excluding the first 2 pairs on either site for disability or bad travellers).  We will allocate your seat number(s) when we received your tour deposit - from seat number 9 to 50.  You will receive a coach ticket with the allocated seat number - of which we will have a copy.  This will be your seat number for the remainder of your tour.  Therefore it is advisable to book early if you want a seat towards the front of the tour coach.  This seating arrangement only applies on our package tours only.  We do not allocate seats on our day trips.

When a club. group or society books one of our tours and fills a coach themselves, we will not allocate any seat numbers.  It will be the responsibility of the group leader to allocate these seats.  If you require one of our front seats you will have to arrange same with your group leader.  We will give the group leader all of the tickets for the tour and they in turn will give each person their coach ticket.

Please note the Guide Seat is for crew members only
The Guide Seat is not a licenced seat

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